Sunday, 27 September 2009

My 1st Serious Cooking

My first serious cooking. I had wanted to fry the carrots and mushrooms but because of the heavy smoke and oil, I decided to steam them instead. They turned out fine. The fried veg was a bit brown and oily but ok. Likewise, the sausage was a bit charred but tasty. The cleaning up was a disastrous. The thick oil on the walls and tables was stubborn. The kitchen and part of the hall reeked of the intolerable smoke. It took me 30 mins just to clean up. The effort was satisfying so I think I would try again next time. Not sure when though :)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Noisy Starbucks

Here I am, clearing my email in a Starbucks outlet that is located within Sogo departmental store in downtown Surabaya. Nice soothing music from within the outlet but loud music played in Sogo. At the entrance of Starbucks is a piano. Members of the public are allowed to play it anytime. Suddenly, someone started to play it. She is surrounded by her friends and family, taking pictures and video of her performance. She started with nice slow music but it now turns into fast and loud noise. Moment of peace is now gone. As I am typing this, a local placed his paper bag on the empty chair next to me without even asking if it was ok. His companions are talking very loudly. Another group has a child making a lot of noise. Maybe this place has no respect for personal space. I’m leaving for lunch now, earlier than I would have preferred, for obvious reasons.